“Yy-y-y-y-you?”…”Yes, m-m-m-me.”

:D Kuch yaad aaya ?


When he smiles at his paagal Khushi and he cutely <3 nudged <3 her nose, when he got concerned for her that she would get hurt from the basketball <3 #Ipkknd


Bachelor Party

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Pehla Pehla Pyaar Hai, Pheli Pheli Baar Hai..<33

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ITS AUGUST 21 2012..12:00 in india!! HAPPY FREAKING BIRTHDAY I LOVE YOU SO MUCH ITS CRAZY I CANT EVEN EXPLAIN IT YOUR ARE MY LIFE I THINK ABOUT YOU EVERY MINUTE OF THE DAY! I wish you the best birthday youve ever had and this is the 2nd year in a row that I wished you exactly at 12 because I love you soo sooo soooo much . I wish you so much love sucess happiness and joy!(: lots and lotss of lovee hugs and kisses😍😍😘😘😘 -Simi


Dear Barun, if you ever, ever come across this letter…(dedicated to you and you only) I think I might die of joy and undescribable feelings. I love you. You are my true first and last love. You don’t even know me, but that doesn’t make my pyaar go down(: I fell in love with you the first time you appeared in front of my eyes in baat hamari pakki hai. oh my god. barun do you know what you put me through? I was going crazy for you man. And then I looked at the cast credits in baat hamari pakki hai, because this was getting out of control..and some gut feeling in me told me that your name was Barun Sobti( LOL on the cast credits they spelled it barun sobit) and I looked you up in December 2010, maybe like a week after you got married. That news broke my heart. broke it. so so much. just found out a few days ago her name’s Pashmeen. All I can say is she is the luckiest girl in the world. but it didn’t make me stop loving you. and then baat hamari pakki hai ended, never missed an episode , and couldn’t risk not seeing your beautiful face for a day. && YOUR SMILE. Oh my god. to die for. iloveitsomuch -your half smile <3 anyways when bhph ended, I died a little from the inside, stressed out thinking how I’m gonna see my barun everyday. and then June came, and my days became brighter and brighter. Iss pyaar ko kya naam doon. It was on a June day, around 2 o clock ishh and my mom was watching tv while i was in my room ( i live in US) and she says ” Simi, shravan ka new serial aaraha hai!” I dropped everything , froze for a second to see if I wasn’t dreaming and ran. sprinted. and it was you. it was a promo for ipkknd. ahh. Fast-forwarding my life, I’ve spent almost every 8:00 Monday-Friday watching ipkknd. and I appreciate your hard work on the show, it REALLY pays off the 12 hours you work everyday for the 30 days you work in a month, your such a dedicated and amazing actor I’ve ever seen. You’re also SOOOOO funny I can’t even take it.<3 You make my day just by being you and i know that means alot to you! and your awesome English! hahha i love it.and don’t forget that you’re in my dreams every single night. I’ve got my own little fantasies of our perfect little world , just you&me. Your doing a fantastic job in ipkknd & I’m so jealous of Khushi, she and everyone else that gets to see you AND HUG&KISS you are so lucky. I would kill to even catch a glimpse of you. and guess what, your Punjabi, I’m Punjabi, your from Delhi and i am too. we are so alike! haha. but barun, your fan population are getting higher and higher by the minute. every time i go online there’s always someone that says “i love barun he’s soo hot” & Yeah i’m gonna admit that I get jealous, cause you know I’m human.(: plus your going to be releasing your new film, main aur Mr. Right! I WISH YOU SO MUCH GOOD LUCK! i know you’ll do great and so many more girls will be dying for you..BUT I AM SOOOOO HAPPY FOR YOU! Deep down inside I know that I’m your biggest fan…lover…and way more than that, because are my life! And i know after reading this your going to say ” well thank you so much” in your cute accent and voice, which I love so much. hahaha. I hope you realize that you mean the world to me and i can’t explain to you how much I love you. I wish i could do something for you. All you need to remember is that there is a girl, somewhere in the corner of the universe that will ALWAYS love you. Well gotta go watch IPKKND!

Lots and lots of love, hugs and kisses, Simi.

little arnav things

Two words.


Barun Sobti.

♥ Ahhhh he’s so cute. :)


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